Why the name ‘The Christian’?

Because our community and country needs Christian voices and worldviews interpreting current events.

I gave a lot of thought to the name for this site, and chose “The Christian”, because I strongly believe it is precisely a Christian interpretation which is necessary to understand the events of our times.

It is an anti-Christian world view which guides so many of the mistaken opinions, ubiquitous these days, on current events. The right name for this world view is Humanist, i.e., putting one’s ultimate faith in man, not in God. Some humanists don’t believe in God at all. Others consider themselves believers, but their faith is weak or superficial, so they don’t follow God’s teachings, and instead, put their hope and trust in man’s ability to find solutions to today’s problems.

Sermon on the Mount, by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1877

Look around, and everywhere one sees opinions and behavior which is the very antithesis of Christian, in every area of life. Murder of the unborn, and the acceptance and promotion of LGBT sexual deviancy are glaring ones, but there are many more.

Take, for example, US foreign policy, which is the very opposite of peace-making. On the contrary, it has been hijacked by psychopaths, who instigate war, chaos and murder all over the globe, taxing our country to the breaking point to pay for it all.

Take our military, a partner to our criminal foreign policy, but also guilty of mass theft and corruption, a violation of the 7th commandment, thou shall not steal. Take our mainstream media, violating as a matter of course the 8th commandment, thou shall not bear false witness. Take public morality, a cesspool of lust, perversion, pornography, and fornication. Take the celebration of BLM and Antifa, both of which have a God-hating ideology, Marxism, at their core. Indeed, look at any aspect of our nation, and it is characterized by the very opposite of what God tells we must do, or face his punishment.

One thing I am expert in is monitoring the media – both mainstream and alternative. As our nation descends into chaos and what is obvious to all of us, even non-Christians, is a full blown madness, there is an explosion of political debate coming from thousands of news outlets, social media, politicians, and the like. Very smart, thoughtful, and articulate people are expending huge efforts in an ever more frenzied attempt to explain what is happening, vent indignation, blame others, and propose solutions.

What strikes me as we follow this, is how rarely anybody brings God, Jesus, and Scripture into the discussion. I am actually in a position to quantify this, and yes, there are a very few commentators and politicians who bring this up, but honestly, it is a tiny percentage, maybe 1% or less. No doubt, a much bigger percentage of these talkers have a strong Christian faith, but they mistakenly believe it is unwise to bring it mention it.

Newsflash: until that number is substantial, like 30%, nothing is going to improve. And honestly, for all you big brains out there pontificating and providing ever more complex explanations, and what we need to do to fix it, the answer is so obvious, and so simple:

Our nation is being punished by God because we as a people have turned away from Him, and His instructions to us in the Bible. It is a 5000 year old story, told so many times in scripture, – this is the fate of Godless countries and empires. Things will not get better until we, as a people, turn to him again. And we will turn to him again when enough of us find our voice and start calling for just that.

So we chose “The Christian”.

Only Christian discernment can accurately explain current events, arrive at correct opinions, and ultimately, turn the tide.

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