Why the LNP Keeps Getting Things so Badly Wrong (3 of 5 in a series)

Why the LNP Keeps Getting Things so Badly Wrong (3 of 5 in a series)

The LNP got just about everything wrong in their recent articles about me. The question is, why? 

Most importantly, they downplayed what is the most important issue at hand, that a local journalist and publisher effectively can’t return home from Russia, of all places, because of political persecution in the US. I know, it reads like something out of the USSR, but it’s happening right here, in our own country, and in our own county. I’m basically a political refugee.  

Before burying that rather striking information deep at the end of almost 9000 words they wrote about me, in 5! articles over as many days, they went to great lengths to portray me as a hatemonger and associate of haters and as a possible Kremlin agent. They misrepresented what I have been very public and insistent about for the last 4 years, that it is crucial that no group be exempt from criticism, including Jewish elites. They misrepresented the public reaction to that position and the extraordinary influence it has had. They misrepresented the views and positions of the National Justice Party, a nationalist party whom I allowed to hold a meeting in my barn on Millersville Pike 18 months ago, and why. They omitted mention of my Christian website, where most of my efforts have been focused for the past year. They omitted what I told them about my more famous publication, Russia Insider, how popular it was, what an influence it has had, and what it represented. They omitted explaining about the above-mentioned January 6th political persecution and FBI false flag, even in a critical light. They described me as a “blogger”, a curious description for someone who publishes news aggregators and websites that are many times larger than the LNP. 

They did all this, not out of ignorance, because I was incredibly generous with my time with them, and told them they could call back anytime with follow-up questions. We must have spoken for at least 4 hours on more than one occasion. They well understood the legal risk I was taking in speaking to them. I welcomed them into my home when they first wanted to write about me a year and a half ago. I explained my view of all these things. I sent them important articles from highly authoritative journalists corroborating what I told them. They could have presented a very balanced picture, but they chose not to, deliberately omitting most of what I said. 

They did the same thing last year when they hysterically attacked the fledgling Lancaster Patriot last year. I wrote a 3000 word piece back then explaining how ridiculous that attack was. 

Again, it’s not that they are bad actors, or technically incompetent. In my view, the problem is that they are so wedded to a partisan position, that this determines their narrative, at the expense of balance, and ultimately, accuracy. It seems to me that they are so terrified of publishing anything that might support the idea that the Jan. 6 protestors are being persecuted, or that the election was actually stolen, that they had to discredit me as much as possible before mentioning the election, almost in passing.  

It seems to me that they have so much drunk the Deep State Koolaid on the latest big lie about the threat of “white supremacism” that they are scrambling around looking for haters under every bed. It seems to me that they are so naïve about the political realities of the media landscape, that they actually believe, and cite the SPLC, and its close ally, The Daily Beast, and the Russian oligarch-funded Interpreter, as reliable sources. I explained to them that these sources are highly compromised and not credible, but obviously I didn’t convince them. 

As I explained in the first article in this series, the well-meaning folks at the LNP are badly, badly deceived, as are most in our country. Thank God some of us are waking up. 

A large part of my work over the last 7 years has been media criticism, and if I may allow myself some immodesty, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the ideological predispositions, nuances and funding of hundreds of websites, mainstream and alternative, right, left, and center. Trust me when I tell you this – the LNP is completely out of their depth in evaluating the integrity of the publications they cite. It’s not their fault really, they are a small provincial paper. They would do no better trying to explain financial markets or geopolitics. 

As I explained in the first article in this series, I really don’t mind that the LNP defamed me in the most unfair and dishonest way. I’ve been in the thick of this media mudslinging for 7 years now, and I’ve seen it all. I think they did their best to get it right and tried as best they could, and that is all one can ask of any man. I believe they had the best of intentions. I have a fundamentally Christian attitude to these things – be quick to forgive and understand and not take offense. Believe me, it’s a rare quality in my world.  

Again, they actually did us all a service, because they addressed these events, giving all of us in this county a chance to understand them better. 

Being an experienced media critic, there is actually a huge amount I could say about the appalling mistakes the LNP makes on a regular basis. In particular, their coverage of the Covid issue and the stolen elections has been very unprofessional. They continue to print in their articles about the elections, for example, that claims that they were stolen are “baseless”. That’s not a fact, it’s an opinion, and according to the latest national polls, over half! Of Americans, including many Bernie voters, disagree.  

I have a spent a good deal of my life in Russia, including working here as a journalist when it was still the USSR, and honestly, that kind of cringe journalism is strongly reminiscent of the old Soviet Pravda newspaper. What an irony!

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