‘White nationalists’ held a rally in my Lancaster Barn in 2020 – Should they enjoy civil rights? – Who are the NJP? (4 of 5 in a series)

‘White nationalists’ held a rally in my Lancaster Barn in 2020 – Should they enjoy civil rights? – Who are the NJP? (4 of 5 in a series)

Last week the LNP wrote a hysterical piece announcing that “white nationalists”, and “white supremacists” held a meeting in Lancaster county in my barn back in August of 2020, and then quoted a bunch of “experts” saying how horrible this was. 

As with everything else the LNP has written about me, what they say is patently ridiculous. I don’t doubt for a second that I did the right thing.

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The National Justice Party, the group which held a meeting in my barn, grew out of the social movement known as the Alt-Right. These are mostly young men on the right who disagree with much of traditional conservatism and often have many leftish ideas. Some of them describe themselves as “Third Positionists” which means they draw as much of their political worldview from the left as the right, and are really neither. 

The greater Alt-Right movement is large and influential among young American whites males, amounting to millions of people who subscribe to their ideas. I became aware of them in 2016 because they movement was producing very high quality journalism and podcasts, saying important things Americans need to hear about immigration, relations with Russia, race and IQ, the criminal nature of US foreign policy, and much else.  

This journalism is influential far beyond its reach, which is substantial. It plays the role of a kind of intellectual vanguard of the greater American right. Much of what the Alt-Right has been saying for years has been adopted by the broader right, for example, that much of American domestic policy is essentially anti-white and anti-working class, or that diversity is the opposite of a strength, and is instead a weakness, or that the FBI is deeply corrupt and working against the American people, that Antifa, the sworn enemy of the Alt-Right, is a mortal threat to our country – all things that have become obvious to more than half of the country over the past year, positions that Tucker Carlson now trumpets from his perch at Fox News. You can thank the Alt-Right for that. 

Their media is particularly effective and influential is because it is so intellectually powerful. For whatever reason, the movement attracts extremely bright and articulate thinkers and analysts. I had the opportunity to meet some of these people on the media side, and as I got to know them I was impressed by their integrity and intelligence, even if I did not agree on everything they said. 

The NJP is small, but surprisingly influential and well-known because some of its leaders came out of this alternative media world – including its chairman, Mike Peinovich, and some of its executive committee members, Eric Striker, Greg Conte, and Warren Balogh. 

Conte is a good friend of many years for whom I have the highest personal esteem and respect, and he explained to me that their group was having trouble finding a space to hold a meeting because renters were intimidated by groups like the ADL and the SPLC, and asked if they could use the barn. I asked him to give me a day to think about it, because I suspected that if it became public the PC police would kick up a fuss. 

It didn’t take a day for me to make up my mind, and my decision was emphatically – yes. My reasoning was that I believed that this group of guys, some of whom I knew personally to be of high integrity and brilliant intelligence, who had made hugely valuable contributions to political discussion in our country, and my publications, should be allowed to gather in a space and have a private meeting to discuss their whatever they want. Isn’t that the first article in the Constitution?

It matters whether I agree with everything they say, or how they say it. What matters to me is that they have said some things which I know are fantastic, and that have the right to assembly, and the right to say what they think, and I found it outrageous that they were effectively being prevented from doing that because of the PC police, with self-appointed liberal, woke busy-bodies like the LNP leading the charge, citing the SPLC, of all things, to support their inanity. 

As with everything they have written about me, the LNP’s reporting on this was shockingly dishonest. To read their coverage, you would think that all the NJP does is talk about how everyone should hate Jews. That is ridiculous. 

For example, they pluck a quote I had never heard before, from Eric Striker, who I think is literally one of the most important journalists in America writing today, from years ago, which he wrote on a satire site, The Daily Stormer. I have no idea what the context of that remark was, or what he was thinking at the time. All I know is that he is rather young, so must have been very young indeed when he wrote that. I don’t care, because what I do know is that Striker is the editor of the National Justice website, which is making a massive contribution to intelligent political discussion in this country.

All of Mr. Striker’s articles from National Justice are carried on America’s largest conservative webzine, The Unz Review, larger by far than other standard bearers of conservative thought, like The American Conservative. He is one of their most prolific and popular contributors.

Why would the LNP seize on something from years ago, and omit this much more important info about Striker? Perhaps they don’t want you to know about his website, where he hammers away day after day on precisely the issues mentioned above, and many more. His contributions have been invaluable, and he has an enormous impact. He is almost single-handedly responsible for waking up mainstream journalists about the corruption of the FBI. He is also together with Andy Ngo, the leading American journalist seriously pulling back the veil on Antifa, and has exposed many senior Antifa figures in media and politics. Type in “antifa” in the search bar on his site, and you will come up with literally hundreds of articles ripping the stuffing out of Antifa. For a site that is only two years old that is nearly miraculous. Seriously, go look at his website. It is required reading for anyone who wants to know what is really going on in this country. He is way ahead of the curve. 

If American patriots finally wake up and rein in the FBI and Antifa, both of which are being used by the deep state to execute an effective coup against this country, as is now being so convincingly argued by Tucker Carlson on the right, and Glenn Greenwald on the left, future grateful citizens might just have Eric Striker to thank for it.

One reason Striker’s journalism is so powerful and widely-read is that it is very fact-based. He has an extraordinary network and is able to bring things to light that others simply cannot. At this time, National Justice is doing the most honest, and most comprehensive reporting on the Charlottesville riots trial, currently underway in Virginia. If you want to know what is really going on there, visit National Justice.

But the deception continues – the LNP refers to some remarks Mike Peinovich made about Jewish power, but didn’t link to, or embed, the whole speech, which they could easily have done. Here is a link to it. I bet it’s pretty good because Peinovich is famous for making good speeches. What is it the LNP doesn’t want you to hear there? Here is another more recent speech Peinovich made, condemning the assault on American conservatives, targeting them as terrorists.

And here is a recent documentary film about the NJP, filmed at a recent event. Why is the LNP terrified of these guys, but it coddles and covers up the crimes of Antifa and outright Marxist, atheist, BLM right here in our city and county? It is an outrage, and I think I’m not the only one in this county getting a little tired of their self-righteous, hypocritical screeching.

Next they show 4 points out of the NJP’s 25-point program. Why not the whole thing? Isn’t the program the most important info reflecting the views of these young men? Let me quote a few of them for you:

Break up monopolistic banks, companies, and media; replace FBI with honest law enforcement; make war-profiteering a criminal act; shift the tax burden from working men and women to the wealthy; repatriate American industry from the 3rd world to aid working Americans; ban gay marriage; incentivize women to have more children; ban homosexual and transgender propaganda, especially if aimed at children; do more to protect the environment; outlaw predatory lending …

Oh no, these are dangerous ideas! We have to quote a bunch of “experts” saying this is bad stuff. Give me a break! Many of these points, especially the family values ones, are things our conservative politicians should be advocating but are not. Why not is a very interesting question. 

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Readers of the LNP should feel like they’ve been deliberately misled, which they have. They are being fed a daily diet of tendentious, partisan, PC, woke nonsense, much of it consciously dishonest. 

I highly encourage readers to follow NJP personalities like Peinovich and Striker on their Telegram accounts, which are mercifully free of censorship. You’ll be the wiser for it.

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