LC RECOMMENDS: Eric Metaxas talks to Pastor Greg Locke – 2 great Christians on Covid lies & stolen election (podcast)

LC RECOMMENDS: Eric Metaxas talks to Pastor Greg Locke – 2 great Christians on Covid lies & stolen election (podcast)

One thing we will try to do on this site is share with the Lancaster community some of the great conservative Christian voices available in the alternative space, free from the censorship of the mainstream, LNP, narrative, which we believe is tragically mistaken.

Metaxas has emerged as one of the best political / Christian talk show hosts in the country, as people are increasingly looking for the truth. A very well connected and influential best-selling Evangelical author and talk show host, his show has exploded in popularity over the past year, and he is getting stellar guests. He also has an unusual personal network of fascinating individuals in the Evangelical community, and he brings folks on who might not be very well known, but have important things to explain to America from a Christian perspective. We honestly can’t recommend him enough. He is an outspoken skeptic of the Covid vaccines and masks, and is convinced that the election from Trump was stolen, and that this truth is coming out.

Catch Metaxas’s program as video on Rumble, or listen to it on any of the major podcast platforms, or on his website. Sign up for his email newsletter for additional benefits. make it a regular part of your listening, you won’t regret it.

He spoke in Lancaster County a few months ago, where he interviewed the amazing Jonathan Cahn, author of the prophetic Harbinger book series, onstage at Dayspring Academy. Here is the video from that:

Greg Locke is a very popular pastor and author from Nashville TN, (3 million Facebook followers) who believes pastors have a responsibility to show leadership on political and social issues. He is an outspoken critic of LGBT, against masks and vaccines, and also believes the election was stolen. His ministry has also exploded in popularity since Covid began. He famously refused to close his church or require masks, moving his services to outdoor tents. Within a few months he went from a congregation of a few hundred, to 3000, and hundreds of thousands join his ministry every week online from around the country.

Here is Locke addressing a stop the steal rally in Washington.

Its a great talk. Highly recommended.

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