False flags, political prisoners, torture, no civil rights – should I come home? (2 of 5 in a series)

Our civil liberties are in tatters.

False flags, political prisoners, torture, no civil rights – should I come home? (2 of 5 in a series)

This article in the series is by far the most important one. The attacks and slander against me in the LNP and the events in my barn over a year ago – are so much noise and distraction from the real issue at hand – because what is at stake is the literal future of our country. A deep state take-over is underway in America and Lancastrians need to wake up and start fighting back. It’s been clear as day since Nov. 3rd

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Two very important pieces appeared in the last few days, which really make it irrefutably clear what is going on. One is the Tucker Carlson documentary, which I mentioned in the first article in this series, which demonstrates conclusively the breach and breach and storm of the Capitol was a false flag plot, executed by the FBI and other intelligence agencies to 1) even further infringe on Americans’ already fragile civil liberties, and 2) damage Trump politically, undermining his ability to press his claims of a stolen election. The second is a long article by Glenn Greenwald documenting how Jan 6 is being used to curtail American’s civil liberties, much as 9/11 was, which many believe, was also a deep state false flag, executed for exactly the same reasons. I am certainly convinced of that. 

Greenwald is perhaps the most authoritative journalist in the world speaking out against government overreach and abuse of our civil liberties, with a huge following. Politically, he leans Democratic. He was the journalist Edward Snowden asked to partner with him in sharing the abuses of the US intelligence community in illegally invading the privacy of citizens in America and around the world. 

Both pieces are behind a paywall, but with a little effort one can easily find them for free on the internet. See the footnote below how to do that. 

As good as Carlson’s documentary is, his recent conversation with the excellent Julie Kelly, a reporter for the conservative site American Greatness, is even better. Kelly jumped on the Jan 6 story right from the beginning, and has done the best original reporting, covering it comprehensively, breaking important aspects of it, and really doing heroic work. She knows the details better than anyone. I can’t recommend enough this conversation she has with Carlson. It will shock and dismay you if you care about this country. I highly recommend following Kelly, she publishes on American Greatness 1 or 2 times per week, and on Twitter

Here is the full hour with Kelly:


One of the things covered in the documentary and the conversation with Kelly is the astonishing abuse of about 60 political prisoners in a DC jail. Amazingly, the techniques being used are similar to those used in Guantanamo Bay against Islamic terrorists, with the general idea being pushed by the establishment, that the people in the Capitol were, essentially, terrorists. The idea is to abuse the prisoners as much as possible in the hopes of breaking them. While they haven’t resorted to outright torture yet, like they do in Guantanamo Bay, they are coming very close. 

On October 29, one of the DC inmates, Brad Geyer, sent out this series of tweets, which if you haven’t read, you really should. It is short and to the point. It details outrageous abuses, including beatings, isolation for months for no good reason, uneatable food, filth, retribution for speaking to lawyers or media, and on and on. Geyer isn’t the only one claiming this, a number of inmates and their attorneys have said the same – and the mainstream media is burying it. As I said before, it is an outrage that our local political representatives, Congressman Smucker in particular, are not raising heck about it. Are they afraid of the LNP?

We were originally planning to return to Lancaster in March-April of this year, and watching events unfold, my 20-year-old daughter said to me, “but Daddy, might they put you in jail?”, and I explained to her, in all sincerity, that there was nothing wrong with going to jail for a noble reason, especially in the service of your country or justice, and that I certainly didn’t mind it at all, that I might be there for a few weeks or even months, but that it wasn’t so bad. I told her how many great Americans had done just that, Martin Luther King for example, where he wrote a great book. 

But as the news started filtering out, I realized that I had been woefully naïve about what was actually transpiring in my country, and that I could very well be locked away for months or even years with no due process and serious physical abuse. Honestly, on one level, I am even willing to go through that if it helps the cause, despite the fact that I also have young children, ages 3 and 5, and a teenager, but I decided against it, because I believe I can do more for my country and county by using my voice and my rather exotic circumstances, stranded here in Russia, to call attention to the full-on destruction of our civil liberties in America. Another front in that war on our rights is coming from the Covid situation and the vaccine passports.  

If I come back to America, I can easily be shut up, locked away, and deprived of a voice, for who knows how long. I think I should stay where I can use my voice to defend those who can’t defend themselves. I have a rather large platform and reach, much larger than the LNP actually, and a large following both in the US and globally. Providentially, Russia is actually an ideal place to be. 

I am an expert on Russian history, and there are uncanny parallels between the unspeakable tragedies that Russians lived through and what is happening in the US today. Just explaining that would be a full book. Revolver News, another great pro-freedom site whose editor Darren Beattie is, like Kelly, breaking the Jan 6 story, and extensively featured in the Carlson documentary, ran a great article about this back in April, but they don’t know the half of it. A lot of Russian analysts have been talking about this, and what they point out is chilling. Perhaps, God-willing, I will find the time to explain some of that. Make no mistake, America is sliding into the same kind of tyranny that befell our Russian brothers. Look to their experience to understand the mortal danger America is in. 

“Stranded” is not really the right word for our life here. We lived here for many years and have a very nice home, family and relatives, wonderful friends and colleagues, a great Christian culture, and a busy and rewarding life. It is not a hardship at all, rather a life full of blessings for which we are daily thankful. It’s actually a toss-up which world is better for us. I lean towards wanting to be in Lancaster, because my country is in a terrible crisis, and want to do what I can to help her. That is what I did over the past year, and I am thankful that I can continue to do it from here. Hopefully we can return soon. 

The LNP said I am “hiding” in Russia. I am not hiding. I am a public figure and have not hidden in the least where I am and why, and they know it because I have explained it to them in excruciating detail. They also have reported nothing about the abuses described in this article, despite the fact that I shared the key articles with their reporters. This speaks to their competence and all-around cluelessness far more than anything else. 

And regarding this freak-out by the LNP, I really don’t mind it at all, as I explain in more detail here, and actually rather enjoy a good debate. It is a good thing, because it brings attention to what I describe in this article, and much else. The fact is, the Steinman family, which owns the LNP, were very good friends with my father’s family going back many generations, and I am sure that the people at the LNP and I agree on a great deal. Among the most important is that getting to the truth is important. This is what our Lord commanded us to do, and it lies at the heart of our religion and the great civilization that grew from it. 

In fact, I hope the LNP keeps writing about me and everything addressed in this series, because the more they do, the more the truth will out.

Just speak the truth, as best you can, and leave the rest to God, in whom you can calmly put your trust, and worry not.

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Note: To find the Carlson documentary for free online, go to the free speech video platforms Odysee or Bitchute, and search for Patriot Purge. Here is a hd post of the first 30 minutes, and here is a link to the conversation with Julie Kelly. Here is a Bitchute channel which posts a lot of great Carlson video from Fox Nation. You can watch it in higher quality at Fox Nation if you pay their monthly $5 fee. You can actually sign up for the first two week, and then cancel, and get it for free that way too. I subscribe to Fox Nation, and there are actually a lot of excellent interviews which Carlson does on his daytime show which are well worth the cost. To find the Greenwald article, you can read the first section of it here, and the last section here. About half of the article is in between, but there is a lot of key information in those links. Here is the full version for which one has to pay. I also subscribe to Greenwald. He publishes invaluable material. 

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