4 years ago I argued that Jewish Elites should not be exempt from criticism to great applause – the LNP smeared me for it. Why? (5 of 5 in a series)

4 years ago I argued that Jewish Elites should not be exempt from criticism to great applause – the LNP smeared me for it. Why? (5 of 5 in a series)

This man thinks he should be able to tell Americans what they can say and think. Apparently the LNP thinks that is a great idea.

In January of 2018, I published a long 6000 word article on my widely read website, Russia Insider, making the case that unless one was able to discuss the influence of Jewish elites on many things, but in particular on foreign policy, geopolitics, my particular area of expertise, and Russian History, well, then, you might as well not discuss those subjects at all, because it is the dominant issue explaining events. I went on to say that no group should be exempt from criticism or fair discussion, including Jewish elites. 

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At the time, the article had a huge impact and fueled enormous discussion. On my website alone, it got 250,000 views, and more importantly, over 3000 comments, many of them running to thousands of words. It was reprinted on other leading sites, notably the highly rated Unz.com, whose publisher, Ron Unz, silicon alley entrepreneur and former candidate for governor of California is Jewish himself. On Unz.com it also provoked an enormous discussion and similar number of views. What’s more, the article was translated, by volunteers, mind you, into 6 languages – Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, and Polish. It was further republished on many sites around the world. I would estimate it must have gotten about a million views in total. 

Sadly, about a year ago, the comments engine we used, Disqus, under pressure from the anti-free-speech Jewish pressure groups I named in the article, the ADL and the SPLC, banned Russia Insider, and are no longer online, although we do have a back-up hard copy. Most of those comments were extremely positive, as you can see from the Unz site. 

In the article, I went out of my way to explain that this had nothing to do with making generalizations about entire groups of people, that the culprits here really were some Jewish elites, and their ability to censor open discussion, and that any such discussion of them had to be fair and not hateful in order to be effective. I made the argument that if every time someone criticized a powerful Jewish individual or group for entirely legitimate reasons – if they can be cowed into silence by calling them a hater, that this was wrong. All quite reasonable one might think – and many people agreed. 

The article was widely discussed by other authors in the alternative media space, who were almost compelled to speak out on the issue. Most of them were supportive. It was really quite extraordinary – my article triggered a huge debate, and a lot of good sense came out of it. Crucially, after that discussion, many more major alternative websites, not fringe – left, right, and center, began publishing articles critical of Jewish elites when it is appropriate, something they had been hesitant to do before. My article really made a difference, a positive one, I believe. 

The only sector from which there was a significant amount of negative criticism was from publications associated with elite Jewish political pressure groups – the SPLC, the ADL, and their associated publications like the Daily Beast – rather proving my point. These groups and publications have been heavily discredited because they have accused so many reasonable people on the moderate right of being hate groups, and so tried to squelch open debate in America, that only a few hard-core left-wingers take them seriously anymore.  

To give one example, for years, the ADL has been trying get Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News. Most recently, they tried to get Fox News not to publish his excellent new documentary proving that the breach and storm of the Capitol was a false flag carried out by the FBI itself, and other deep state actors. This documentary is hugely important to the main point of this series, what actually happened on Jan. 6. In article 2 of this series, there is a footnote explaining where to find it online.

The LNP’s recent coverage of me completely misrepresented all this. They claimed that the public reaction was overwhelmingly negative – it was not. They didn’t explain the main argument of the article, outlined above, perhaps because it is eminently reasonable and fair. They seized on an ancillary quote, as if that was the main point of the article – it was not. They did everything they could, in short to smear me as a hater, including citing the SPLC, which basically proved the point I was making in the article to begin with. They omitted to explain the huge impact that article had, and that Russia Insider in general had. They did this, despite the fact that I explained all of this to them in detail. 

Now, if they wanted to be even just a little bit balanced, they would have said, in his defense, this is what Bausman explained about the article, but they didn’t, and that is journalistic malpractice, and defamatory. 

I don’t bear any grudge against the LNP about all this, they are as much victims of a deeply dishonest media environment as anyone else. I am actually grateful to them, because they raised the subject, and now people at least have access to the truth.

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